Grimoire album photo

For an album photo, you have several possibilities:
- Size 20.5x24.5cm (format portrait) of 60p for 120 photos (8 5/64 inch x 5 29/32 inch)
- Size 23x30cm (format portrait) of 100p for 300 photos (9 1/16 inch x 1 ft 13/64 inch)
- Size 24.5x35cm (format landscape) of 100p for 400 photos (1 ft  2 11/64 inch x 9 27/32 inch)
They are all handmade and covered with leather, fabric(tissue) or skyvertex.

If you don't find what you are looking for, have a look in the sections:
Grimoire with screw
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Grimoire album photo

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